• What is the temperature outside?
Remember that you are buying for a temperature range which includes winter’s fickle highs and lows.  The typical northern winter has temperatures between 0 and 30 degrees F. 
What is my personal tolerance for cold?
Some of us find ourselves with frosty feet well before the rest of the crowd while others could happily wear our Converse high tops year round. You need to decide where you fall on the spectrum. If you always have cold feet, you may need to consider the All Around Cold(-40 F to 40 F) or Advanced Cold(-94 F to 30 F) boots for your everyday wear even if the temperature ratings seem lower than you expect to find.
• How long will I be outside?
Nothing freezes up the feet faster than standing around on cold snow. Think ski lift attendant. You’d be surprised to learn that most lift attendants wear the warmest snow boot they can find from December right through March, just because of the length of time they stand still on the cold snow.
• How active will I be?
Winter snow boots are your armor from the cold. The longer you stay outside (sleigh ride in the winter followed by a walk through the woods), the warmer the boot you need. The more you stand still (snowmobiling across the lake), the warmer the boot you need.  


One last note, at the beginning of each season, we invite testers to our warehouse to fit-test every model. We update our product descriptions and note in the Fit section whether the boots run true to size or if an adjustment should be made when placing your order.

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