Best Warm Womens Boots for Canadian Winters

When looking for a new pair of winter boots, there are a lot of things worth considering, not the least of which is the type of boot you need. In the middle of a frigid Canadian winter, not just any piece of footwear will do. Finding something that will keep you warm and protected is worth the effort, especially if it's stylish to boot. So here is a basic list of the different types of women's winter boots and what they’re each good for. 

Chelsea Boots


Chelsea Boots


Comfy Moda Daily Boots

Fleece-lined Chelsea boots make use of waterproof premium leather with elastic side panels and a looped back. Wool insoles, and grippy rubber soles ensure grip combines with comfort.

With an ankle height and a professional style, most Chelsea boots are perfect for both professional as well as walking outdoors. While a lot of brands may not do the most in ways of warmth, the Comfy Moda Chelsea Boots Daily offers comfort, style and warmth.

Comfy Moda Daily are the perfect example of Chelsea boots. Both colour variants, brown and black, offer stylish options for anyone planning on a put together look while not sacrificing functionality.

Tall Boots


Tall Boots


Comfy Moda Warsaw Boots

Taller winter boots are perfect when you are looking for warmth and comfort in concert. These boots protect up to knee height with a combination of inner and outer linings and insulations. For any extended amount of time spent outside in the cold, tall boots are worth the investment. 

Take a look at the Warsaw boots. With 200 gram 3M Thinsulate and 800g faux fur  lining and WarmEx insoles, these calf-high boots will keep your feet toasty warm all winter long with temperature rating of -25℃ / -13℉.

Outdoor Walking Boots


Outdoor Walking Boots


Comfy Moda Storm Boots

If you find yourself moving around a lot outdoors in the snow, investing in a good pair of walking boots will take you far. With 800 gram  wool lining and an intentionally warm design, these boots will keep the cold out when you are taking long walks or doing outdoors activities  in winter. They lock in heat and  absorb any moisture that may sneak it's way in. 

If you’re looking for a solid, durable pair of waterproof  boots, take a look at Comfy Moda Storm. They’ll protect from temperatures as low as -32℃ / -25℉ and ensure you stay comfortable  with WarmEx wool insoles and a 50% wool interior. The waterproof construction helps keep the inside dry for any extended periods in the snow or slush. 

No matter what you may find yourself doing, there is a type of winter boot for you. Knowing the type of winter boot you need can help keep you warm and dry in the snow. Considering the different builds, insulations, and linings is key. 

At Comfy Moda we pride ourselves in our assortment of different womens winter boots, all designed with the express purpose of giving you the  #1 most comfortable women’s waterproof boots with insulation for the inclement weather of Canada. We make use of specially formulated insoles, intentionally chosen inner linings, and natural rubber outsoles to uphold this goal. Take a look at our large selection and try to find a pair that fits your needs.

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