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How to Use Oil to Soften Your Shoes

New leather shoes can be very painful, causing blisters and other foot-related problems. Unless you soften them, they will remain in this state. Fortunately, today we will learn using oil softening leathers that make your feet more comfortable.

Method 1. Using Oil to Soften Your Shoes

Step 1. Clean your shoes before applying any additional substance. Oil should not be used until after cleaning your shoes. To clean your shoes, use a damp cloth and lightly wipe away any grime or grit attached to the surface. Wipe them again with a dry cloth to ensure they are dry and ready to get oiled.


Step 2. Select your oil. Applying oils to your leather shoes will restore and nourish them, leading to softer shoes. There are many oils which can soften your leather shoes and prevent or reduce stiffness. Mink oil, saddle soap, coconut oil, and foot oil are all useful for softening leather shoes.
  • Seek the aid of a qualified shoe repair professional to help you decide which kind of oil might be best for your shoes.
  • Olive oil has many adherents, but some report that it leaves oily spots behind and leads to deterioration of the leather.


 Step 3. Read the label on your leather oil.Beware of leather oils which contain pine tar, castor oil, mineral oils, and other toxic chemicals. These ingredients might harm or cause the decomposition of your leather shoe. Carefully read the label before purchasing a particular leather oil.

  • Consult the sales staff from whom you purchased your leather shoes as to which oil is best for your shoes.


 Step 4. Apply the oil to your shoes. Pour a bit of oil into a small, clean dish. Wrap two fingers with a clean cloth or torn-up t-shirt. Dab the wrapped fingers lightly in the oil of your choice. After dipping your fingers, lift them out of the oil and allow the excess to drip off. Then, bring your hand to the cleaned surface of your leather shoes and rub the oil into the surface of shoe with gentle, circular motions.

  • After applying one coat, let it absorb thoroughly into the shoe.
  • Depending on your shoe, you might need to wait several hours or a full day before applying another coat. If you can see your shoes are still oily, or feel greasy to the touch, let them continue to sit until the oil has done its work.
  • After the oil has been absorbed, evaluate the softness of the shoe. If you wish it to be softer, apply another coat in the same manner as the first and evaluate the softness again. Repeat as necessary.


credit from wikiHOW

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