I bought these for my college age daughter who after a transfer now goes to APP State, mountains. When I took them out of the box I thought “oh no, she’ll hate ’em, they look biker and they look Huge” Nope, not when you put them on. My daughter already has largish calves and now she’s walking up and down inclines and her calves are getting a serious workout (one calf is bigger then the other too) and that’s why I bought these. I have the exact opposite problem and when I tried them on with my straight legs tucked in it looked great because the knit fits against the jeans making a smooth silhouette.
They are soft with flexible sides, good strong zipper which when I tested using a bucket, don’t let any water in. The rubber looks just like natural leather, they don’t smell like a tire store, have excellent tread and, the “leather” of the boot in the back stops just under the calf ball and the sweater weave takes it from there.
A snow boot that works like one and still looks like a leather fashion boot. How ’bout that !
I wear an eight so I bought these in eight and they fit straight on the money and very comfy like the names says.
I highly recommend these boots, they look good on gals my age too (53) and not like you’re trying to look like a twenty something.
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