Icy cold weather tends to hang around for several months out of the year and the good news is that you can bundle up in style!  There was a time when finding a good warm pair of woman’s winter boots that didn’t look like they were something our grandparents would wear. Thank goodness times have changed! Today, winter boots for women and men come in a wide variety of fashionable styles, even in the hard-to-find sizes!


Winter boots are made to be worn when the ground is covered in snow or ice, and when the temperature has dropped below freezing. Women’s winter boots have thick, rubberized soles and an insulated lining to keep your feet warm and dry. But today, they’re also made to look great on you too. If you’re looking for a woman’s winter boot that can keep you warm, look good and withstand the elements, whether it be spending all day walking around in a wintery mix of snow, salt, slush, or trudging through the deep snow to shovel the driveway or walk to work, a new pair of Comfy Moda boots is the perfect fit!  If you’re looking for a man’s winter boots that not just looking good, fit well and most importantly keep you warm and dry for shoveling, walking the trail or dog, taking the buses to school or work, a new pair of Rocky Moose will work for you. Both Comfy Moda and Rocky Moose are warm, waterproof and especially easy to clean that seemingly last forever and they never go out of style.

Comfy Moda brand winter boots carries the sizes from 6 to 12 in regular and wide widths depends on the styles. Rocky Moose brand winter boots for men carries the sizes from 7-13. Both brands are made by Canadian designers.

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