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comfy moda women's sun shine sneakers

Our Sun Shine sneakers are versatile and athletically focused shoes that easily fit and hold onto your foot. You'll be able to wear these and know you're in good hands given their durable and health-centered build. 

Breathable Knit
Breathable and durable air mesh upper allow the foot to breathe.

Cushion Support
We add an extra layer in the heel counter to support and lock your foot in place.

2x Durable Outsole
Lightweight, durable and comfortable.

RedEx Sport Insoles
3 layers of comfortable memory foam insoles mean from day 1 when you're wearing the shoe, you won’t feel tired at all after walking 10 miles.

The Sunshine sneakers are the perfect versatile shoes for movement heavy lifestyles. The slip on tight fitting feature lining and fabric pattern breathable exterior means that it matches any styles of your outfits with any type of daily routine. Be confident and comfortable with Sunshine.
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