Tips for Beginner Joggers

Looking to spice up your day with a healthy, fun pastime? Taking a quick job around your neighborhood provides you with fresh air, sunlight, and exercise all while being a refreshing way to step away from your desk. Getting out and started can be intimidating, so we wanted to offer a few tips to those looking to add jogging to their schedule.


Take Walk Breaks

Take Walk Breaks

Make sure you time your periods of moving quickly and slowing down. Not taking breaks when you’re learning just means you won’t be able to go as far, and you may run out of breath quickly. As a rule of thumb, try to walk for half as much time as you run in total. Spread the walk time throughout your path so you have time to catch your breath and relax your muscles.


Find Some Fun Music

A good set of headphones and the right song can make the time fly when you’re on the move. Some good walking music can really help motivate. Even if music isn’t your thing, there’s many good podcasts that can make it enjoyable and potentially educational to take long jogs. Just make sure to be aware of your surroundings, especially near hectic roadways and intersections. Pause whatever you’re listening to when crossing the street and always be sure to keep an eye on what’s around you.


Push Yourself, But be Careful

Push Yourself, But Be Careful

Knowing your limits is an important aspect to any form of physical activity, but so is improvement. Every time you go for a jog, go a bit further. But remember you have to be able to get back, and you don’t want to injure yourself with overexertion. If you feel yourself straining, consider finding a bench and taking a break. Drink lots of water to avoid overheating, and make sure your phone is charged up in case you have to make an emergency call while you’re out.


Schedule Regular Times

Set reminders and alarms for when you want to be jogging. Make sure your schedule is clear for those times and you have a clear window both before and after the jog to get ready or take a breather, respectively. Making a habit out of any new exercise routine will help you stick with it and make it part of your daily routine.


Wear Proper Footwear

Of Course, Wear Proper Footwear

Finally, appropriate shoes will help with both a safe and comfortable jogging experience. You want a pair with a breathable mesh lining, to control moisture, and a gripping outsole to help with balance. Comfy Moda sneakers have those, along with RedEx memory foam insoles which are perfect for any athletic movements because they shape to match your feet with optimal support. Take a look at the Joy Sneakers which have the build for a snug but easy fit.

With the summer heat quickly encroaching, having times when you can get out and enjoy the warmth is enjoyable, and staying healthy while you’re doing it is a fabulous bonus. Find a safe path, don your favourite running shoes, and try taking a jog. Happy running!

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