For more than 20 years, Comfy Moda Boots Canada designers and product managers have been on the lookout for innovative materials and manufacturing processes. The products offered our customers must meet the company's quality standards and sell at the best possible price.


How COMFY MODA Waterproof Boots Are Tested:

The boots are submerged in water above the outsole and flexed 30,000 times with testing equipment.

This test is to make sure the boots do not develop leaks. The machine in the picture below holds the boots in the water while stretching it and bending it, exposing all the seals to moisture. This way, we can see if any water can get into the boots or if we need to take a closer look at any specific areas of the waterproofing.

The quality standards of Comfy Moda boots are among the highest in the footwear industry, and we pride ourselves on the lengths to which we go to bring you quality boots. We want you to be happy with our products, so we are willing to go that extra mile.


Wool Lining

50% wool interior fits snugly to keep your feet comfortable and toasty warm.

3M Thinsulation

200g 3M Thinsulate and 800g full faux fur lining keeps feet warm, dry and comfortable.


WarmEx Wool

These WarmEx insoles are a "must" for harsh winter. Natural wool retains heat, wicks moisture and lets feet "breathe." It gives you warm comfort during the chilliest months, and it is highly welcomed by orthotics.

RedEx Memory Foam

Our RedEx 30 Memory Foam insoles feature 3 layers design. The insoles provide cushioning and optimal performance without adding weight to the shoes.


Our outsole is designed to provide excellent traction and durability, ensuring a secure grip on various surfaces.