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How to Choose Winter Boots

1. Consider Warmth

When you’re looking at purchasing a pair of winter boots, you obviously need to think about the warmth rating you need. Some boots have a temperature rating displayed on their sale page, while others may just have it implied. Read about the materials, layers, and insulations of each boot. It's important to think about how cold it gets where you are and how thick the snow will be. 

2. Consider Sizing

Boots come in many shapes and sizes. The most common heights for winter boots are 6 inch and 8 inch boots. 6 inch boots are lighter and better for mobility, while 8 inch boots are heavier and suited for colder weather, as they’ll protect more of your leg. Besides the height, the thickness of the boot also affects the warmth and comfort, while the size of the outsole can mean the difference in getting your feet wet or not. 

3. Consider Style

Almost as important as the warmth and fit of the boots is your sense of fashion. Depending on your circumstances, such as a professional environment, shorter ankle boots may be both more comfortable and better fitting. In contrast, if you spend a lot of time outside, finding a pair of calf-height boots with fluff lining around the top could be fun and warm. Take a look through different styles and colours to find a pair you’ll be able to get lots of use out of. 

4.Consider Additional Features

Lots of winter boots have extra bells and whistles to them that could be a good feature for you. Most boots advertise these directly on the product page, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a list of extras for each contender. Full waterproofing, slip-reductive outsoles, vegan materials, or any special linings are all good things to see on a winter boot advertisement, and they may help you decide what boot is best for you. 

All winter gear is really important in terms of keeping yourself safe and warm in the cold months, with a solid pair of boots being no exception. Make sure to read through all of the features of each boot you’re considering to get a big picture of what works best for you. 

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