Boots for Women Windsor

Your style is entirely your own, and we offer high-quality and modern types to fit your unique taste! Comfy Moda's stylish and durable boots for women in Windsor help you brave even the coldest temperatures.

Genuine Leather Boots for Women in Windsor

Fashion-forward leather boots for women from Comfy Moda take you from day to night without compromising comfort and warmth. Our large selection of women's leather boots includes knee-highmid-calf or ankle length for a variety of looks to suit your taste level and needs.

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Suede Boots for Women

Suede is a high-quality form of leather characterized by a soft, smooth surface, giving each pair of boots an appealing appearance and structure. Our premium soft genuine suede leather boots provide calcium, salt and water protection while being flexible enough to remain comfortable with motion.

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Vegan Leather Boots for Women

Vegan Leather is a leather alternative made from various plastic and plant materials that provide a similar look and feel to genuine leather. Our vegan leather boots for women are highly durable, waterproof and capable of holding up against even the harshest weather conditions. With styles including knee-high, ankle and heeled boots available in Windsor, you're sure to find the perfect pair for your wardrobe.

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CANDRY™ Waterproof Protection

Never fear snow or rain again with waterproof membrane and professionally sealed seams boots as well as waterproof leather. Every seam (visible and invisible) is sealed using high-pressure adhesive tape and waterproof sealant to prevent water infiltration. The stitching around the boots/shoes is made from a non-wicking thread to prevent it from absorbing water.

We test our boots at random during development and assembly for their waterproof sealing. Our waterproof boots for women in Windsor protect your feet from outside moisture, making them perfect for treading in all seasons.


Anti-Slip Outsole Technology

Our anti-slip outsole technology protects your feet and keeps you comfortable with outsoles designed for friction and durability. 

In addition to being an environmentally-friendly choice, a genuine rubber outsole ensures better boot traction through traction control grip on ice and better insulation for brisk Canadian winter days. Unlike synthetic rubber, natural rubber retains its flexibility (Flex Zone) and suppleness even at low temperatures.

Anti-WarmEx Insoles and 3M Thinsulation

There is no worse feeling than trudging through brutal Canadian winter weather with your toes frozen and cold from sleet, slush and snow. 

Our removable, cushioned, 3-layer thermal Comfy Warmex™ insoles enhance the comfort of our footwear. The fleece layer retains warmth, while the aluminum middle layer isolates your feet from the cold and wetness. A bottom layer of foam provides thermal insulation and can maintain a constant temperature inside the boots. 

Our 3M insulated boots for women London keep you warm by regulating the temperature of your feet and allowing moisture and excess heat to escape. 3M Thinsulation makes use of body heat to retain warmth while pushing moisture out of your boots. Its light and strong while being thin enough not to compromise the fit of the boots. 

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