Waterproof Chelsea Boots Newfoundland and Labrador

From sleek leather to premium suede, Comfy Moda’s timeless waterproof Chelsea Boots in Newfoundland and Labrador combine comfort and style with every step. Crafted in the highest-quality genuine leather, suede and vegan leather, and available with various features such as wool lining and block heels. With elastic gussets and a pair of loops, they are easy to pull on and off. Whether you’re searching for classic winter boots or the perfect transitional shoe to withstand rain, snow and slush, we guarantee you step into the colder months in style. 

waterproof chelsea bootsWaterproof Chelsea Boots in Newfoundland and Labrador

Chelsea Boots are a wardrobe staple due to their timeless shape and design, making them a must-have. Whether you are spending a sunny afternoon in the park, going to the office or heading out in Newfoundland and Labrador cold winters, these boots make an excellent choice for semi-formal, casual and business casual looks.

waterproof chelsea bootsOn-Trend Leather and Suede Chelsea Boots For Every Season

Suede is a high-quality form of leather characterized by a soft, smooth surface, giving our waterproof Chelsea boots an appealing appearance and structure. There’s no style of footwear more versatile than women's leather boot. Genuine leather and chunky heels freshen the look of any versatile ankle boot. Leather's durability withstands the elements of every season, rain or shine.

Accessories to Elevate Your Chelsea Boots

CanDry Technology

Never fear snow or rain again with professionally sealed seams and pre-tanned waterproof leather. Comfy Moda's premium soft genuine leather waterproof Chelsea Boots in Newfoundland and Labrador provides calcium, salt and water protection while staying flexible enough to remain comfortable with motion. Check out our selection of premium, high-quality waterproof boots for women available online in Newfoundland and Labrador today. 

WarmEx Insoles 

Our innovative Comfy Warmex™ insole technology consists of three comfort components: shock absorption, weight distribution and cushioning. These insoles are removable, cushioned, 3-layer thermal insoles to enhance the comfort of our footwear. The fleece layer retains warmth, while the aluminum middle layer isolates your feet from the cold and wetness. A bottom layer of foam provides thermal insulation and can maintain a constant temperature inside the boots. 

Wool Lining

Chelsea boots with out 50% wool interior fits snugly to protect you from temperatures as low as -25°C / -13°F

Anti-Slip Soles

The durable, anti-slip outsoles are made from thermoplastic rubber that is designed to provide grip on slippery surfaces. The extra friction grants you security when traversing icy or muddy paths.