Waterproof Women's Winter Boots Canada

Comfy Moda’s Ladies Winter Boots in Canada Are Built To Last

Comfy Moda’s Waterproof Women’s Winter Boots combine comfort, style and versatility to take you from weekend errands to a night out. Our waterproof technology will dispel your worries during snow, rain, snow, mud or slush, so the weather never has to ruin your plans again. Check out our selection of premium, high-quality waterproof boots for women in Canada available online in Canada today. 

CANDRY™ Waterproof Protection 

Never fear snow or rain again with waterproof membrane and professionally sealed seams boots as well as waterproof leather.

To prevent any infiltration of water, we seal every seam (visible and invisible) with high pressured adhesive tape and waterproof sealant. The stitching around the boots/shoes is made from a non-wicking thread to prevent it from absorbing water.

The seam sealed waterproof boots are at random to be tested during the sample development, before and during the assembly production for their waterproof sealing.

How COMFY MODA Waterproof Boots Are Tested in the Lab:

The boots are submerged in water above the outsole and flexed 30,000 times with testing equipment.

This test is to make sure the boots do not develop leaks. The machine in the picture below holds the boots in the water while stretching it and bending it, exposing all the seals to moisture. This way, we can see if any water can get into the boots or if we need to take a closer look at any specific areas of the waterproofing.

The quality standards of Comfy Moda boots are among the highest in the footwear industry, and we pride ourselves on the lengths to which we go to bring you quality boots. We want you to be happy with our products, so we are willing to go that extra mile.

Anti-Slip Outsole

With outsoles designed for friction and durability, Comfy Moda boots will protect your feet and keep you comfortable. Created with slip resistance in mind, stability is key in the safety of each step.

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When it comes down to function, and you need a pair of waterproof women’s winter boots to brave the elements, we’ve got you covered. Our boots keep you prepared for whatever the weather brings and help you seamlessly go from day to night. We have waterproof women’s winter boots perfect for every occasion with must-haves like black leather boots, Chelsea boots, and knee-high fur-lined boots.