Womens Leather Boots Alberta

Fashion-forward women's leather boots Alberta from Comfy Moda take you from day to night without compromising comfort and warmth. Our large selection of leather boots is available in all shapes, sizes, and styles: lace-up boots, waterproof boots, tall boots, heeled boots, and ankle boots. Whether you are going to the office or getting ready for a night out, Comfy Moda's women's leather boots combine comfort, style and versatility. 

Premium Leather Boots

Genuine leather and chunky heels freshen the look of a winter boot. At Comfy Moda, we make our women's leather boots with full-grain leather balanced with a vegan leather shaft. Stylish exterior leather keeps outside elements out while being flexible enough for your busy lifestyle.

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Suede Leather Boots

Suede is a high-quality form of leather characterized by a soft, smooth surface, giving our ankle boots in Alberta an appealing appearance and structure. Our premium soft genuine suede leather women's boots provide calcium, salt and water protection while being flexible enough to remain comfortable with motion.

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Leather Ankle Boots

Ankle boots and booties are among the most stylish staples for fall and winter. Dress them down with your favourite jeans for a weekend of errands, or get ready for a night out in your best dress. With selections from black, brown and suede women's leather boots in Alberta, we have everything you need to stay on-trend and warm during the colder months. 

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Leather Tall Boots

Women's leather knee-high boots are the perfect blend of classic and modern styles. Our knee-high boots are fur-lined and waterproof and available in leather or suede leather, making them the ideal fit for any weather and wardrobe.

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Leather Waterproof Boots

Our waterproof technology will dispel your worries during snow, rain, snow, mud or slush, so the weather never has to ruin your plans again. Our CANDRY™ Waterproof Protection Technology keeps your feet warm and dry by preventing any infiltration of water, effectively sealing every seam (visible and invisible) with high pressured adhesive tape and waterproof sealant. Additionally, the stitching around your women's leather boot is made from a non-wicking thread to prevent it from absorbing water.

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Anti-Slip Outsole

Our Women's Leather Boots protect your feet and keep you comfortable with outsoles designed for friction and durability. We created our anti-slip outsoles with genuine rubber with slip-resistance in mind for better traction and grip during harsh Alberta winters. Unlike synthetic rubber, natural rubber retains its flexibility (Flex Zone) and suppleness even at low temperatures. Check out our selection of premium leather boot insoles for even more added comfort.

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